Leveraging Technology On Your Mission

by Tim Rinaldi
3 min read

Do you come across great sources of inspiration but then struggle to create lasting habits based on what you learn?

Do you seek ways to leverage technology whenever possible?

If you’re like me, you seek out great books, podcasts, articles, etc. and become inspired… but then fall back to your old ways when things get hectic. Whether it was with work or the lessons I learned on service trips, it was a challenge to create permanent change from these moments of inspiration. I’ve since found ways to leverage technology to better adopt these changes, so I hope they will help you to do so as well:

1- My Resolutions Tracker 

At the beginning of 2019, I created a very simple spreadsheet with Google Sheets to track my performance against my goals that fall into these categories: Workout, Move Goals, Water, Veggies, Prayers/Patience, Junk Food, and Alcohol. For each day, I get points for doing a workout, accomplishing each of my move goals on my Apple Watch, drinking 96 ounces of water, each serving of vegetables I eat, and dedicating time to prayer; I lose points for each meal that has junk food and having more than one alcoholic drink.

I update the spreadsheet daily with the Google Sheets app on my phone (on the home screen so I don’t forget), and I also track my daily calories burned. Then, I look at my total score and calories burned for each week and compare them to the previous weeks. I have goals for each total, which keeps me motivated. And when the next week comes, I simply move the data down and start over at the top of the spreadsheet. 

I like this method because it’s easy to make into a routine and can be used to adopt any type of goal that is easily tracked (1 point for succeeding or 0 or -1 for not accomplishing it that day). If your overall goal is to lose weight, for example, you can determine the specific behavior changes necessary and track your performance along with your weight at the end of the week. As I covered in my post on Switch, this will help you to identify and celebrate the smaller wins on the way to achieving your larger goals!

If you’d like me to share a template of this tracker with you, please let me know – I’d be more than happy to!

2- Audible

As I’ve mentioned in many of my blog posts inspired by career and personal development books, I highly recommend the Audible app! If you’re like me, it can be difficult to find consistent time to read books. With Audible, though, I can listen to these books while exercising, driving, doing yard work, and so on.

To make sure I remember the key details of the books, I create bookmarks, and then after I finish the books, I listen to the bookmarked portions and take notes in a Google doc. My last step is then outlining and writing the blog post. Even if you don’t plan to write a post about what you’re listening to, I would highly encourage you to still use the bookmarks, take notes, and organize the notes into an outline to help the important lessons stick.

3- The Due app

Finally, when I was balancing my work, MBA program, and chaotic family life, I learned just how valuable a good reminders app can be! I use the Due app and highly recommend it – I can create recurring reminders and also customize how frequently I get the notifications once it starts. It’s great for my regular reminders (whether it’s daily, weekly, or every three months), but it’s especially valuable for when I have random ideas that I don’t want to forget, like a possible birthday gift that I don’t need to look into yet. You can learn more about the app’s features on their website. 

These are just a few ways I’ve learned to leverage technology to better achieve my goals while I’m on a mission. What goals do you have that you can better leverage technology for on your mission?

How can I get better?

My mission is to impact as many people as I can from what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown in my career. If you have any feedback on how I can do that better (about my writing style, other books/articles/videos I should check out, etc.), I’d love to hear it!

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